Distillation & Specialty Services

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Biodiesel Manufacturing

KilnDirect can accept biodiesel by-products such as glycerin and/or methanol for the purpose of separation and resale.  This is a process we have had in place for approximately 6 years to have these material accepted into KilnDirect

  • Sample of material along with description of material submitted for analysis.
  • Pricing will be determined after sample is analyzed and accepted.
  • We can either provide transportation on our trucks or set up transportation with an outside carrier.


Physical Separation of products

  • KilnDirect has several operations in place at this time for unique streams generated by our customers.
  • KilnDirect provides physical separation of liquid from solids allowing us to send back the expensive liquids to our customers for reuse. The non-hazardous solids are blended into our fuel program.  All this material is burned at a cement kiln.


Copier toner processing through our engineered Alternate Solids Fuel (ASF) program

  • We offer a unique process that allows us to safely and efficiently process toner into a solid fuel. Our process addresses the associated dusting issues, thus eliminating the environmental and health/safety concerns typically associated with this material.


Fully equipped analytical laboratory


Future Capabilities

  • KilnDirect has significant room available for expansion along with equipment already purchased to provide distillation capabilities for the right application.
  • We would welcome an opportunity to discuss these future capabilities to determine the viability of partnering with the right customer.