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KilnDirect, an incorporated subsidiary of STC, is a processor, recycler, and preparer of non-hazardous industrial by-products. These by-products may be recycled for reuse, shipped offsite for processing/management, or disposal. All material received at KilnDirect for processing is classified as non-hazardous as defined by state and federal regulations.

KilnDirect is located on approximately forty-eight (48) acres in the Live Oak Industrial Park at 1880 Lynette Drive in Sumter SC. The facility encompasses a main processing building with several process areas, tank farms and a rail car transfer station. The property also consists of a maintenance and mechanical repair shop. The main process building includes 3 process pits, 2 material shredders and other associated process equipment along with various loading/unloading stations for trucks.

KilnDirect operations include shredding and mixing of non-hazardous material, industrial off-specification surplus products, or by-products, tires and miscellaneous solid material to form a solid blended alternative fuel source. KilnDirect recovers various non-hazardous materials (e.g. oils, solid, and semi-solid by-products) by blending them into an alternative fuel source for cement kilns or paper mills. Examples of industrial products and material streams to be shredded and mixed typically consist of non-hazardous fibers such as packaging materials, miscellaneous textiles/fabrics, or rubber shavings.

Prior to receipt of off-site generated materials, KilnDirect will approve these materials utilizing the procedures methods described in our Material Analysis Plan (MAP). All customers must complete and submit a signed KilnDirect Material Description Form. Customers verify by either acceptable generator knowledge or results of analysis that the materials are not characteristic or listed hazardous waste.

The Material Description Form is carefully reviewed and evaluated for process, compatibility and overall suitability for receipt by KilnDirect Based on the information provided on the Material Description Form, KilnDirect may request additional data, such as MSDS information, analytical data or a representative sample of material to be submitted. Once approved, a unique approval number is issued for each material.

KilnDirect accepts material in the following physical states:

• Liquid material (e.g. oils, resin, polymers)
• Semi-solids material (e.g. still bottoms, polymerized resins, paint sludge)
• Solid material (e.g. tires, rubber, plastics)